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“Can you share some of your thoughts on #photonics as it relates to spacial computing (i.e. Magic Leap)?”[1]

My first thought was, how does the display work?

I found a patent from Magic Leap, Inc. Maybe the Magic Leap One works like this =)

In order to obtain a real 3D image, it is necessary to create a light field as if from a real object. This can be done by modulating the wave field, e.g. as a sphere, Fig. 2A[2]. When we “see” such a spherical light field, it looks as if it comes from a (virtual) point source.

The patent describes the stacking of the light-guid optical elements to a 3D display (WRAP), see Fig. 5A[2].

By using a beam deflector, any 3D pixel can be addressed. The result is that the calculated virtual environment can be projected into the wearer’s eyes.

Some interesting points of the patent

  • Section 0034: limited number of slices of a 3D volume (“…less than 16 to 36 or more…”)
  • Section 0036: How is the light field generated?
  • Section 0048 ff: WRAP device
  • Section 0052 ff.: How the WRAP works (in particular section 0055f)

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

[1] https://qoto.org/@absolutus/100634867961132450
[2] https://patents.google.com/patent/US20140003762

You can find the original toot on qoto.

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